Sound Demo’s info

Example 1: FOS E grow – created midiMorph Prefab music is playing and controlled by the dynamic bass playing. No bass playing almost no music, vice versa loud bass playing lot of background music.

Example 2: SuperString – Contrabass MIDI notes are input for MultiVoicer. This creates a chord structures (sound by Nord Modular) with every note played from the bass.

Example 3: DoLeSwing – Prefab morphing music created in midiMorph, walking Bass (Quirijn Altena) and multiVoicer piano Solo (Ernst Oosterveld). see Example 2 about multiVoicer

Examples :
1. ZEQ Demo Afromalia (Spectral patterns and Zeta solist (+ modular synth.) 2:49
2. ZEQ Demo SEQ. 6 (multivoicer ( Zeta bass + mod. synth.)) 0:40
3. ZEQ Demo SEQ. 6 (serializer (ddrum4 + mod. synth.)) 0:24
4. ZEQ Demo SEQ. 6 (Zeta bass and percussion (+ mod. Synths)) 0:55
5. MemBrain – DoLeSwing Demo (morph patterns + pianosolo with multivoicer) 1:17
6. Demo MemBrain KoreanSong (morph patterns and Solo double bass) 0:54
7. MemBrain DoLeBigBand (morph patterns ZETA bass + multivoicer and Nord Modular 4:15
8. ZEQ Zeta Bass Solo and Multivoicer04 ZEQ SEQ6 demo 3 multivoicer 4:31