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IPHY Music
Philosophy and Music project

After the composition SEQ. (2002)
ZEQ-Attack starts to continue with IPHY music

Explanatory notes (2023)
In ZEQ ATTACK composer- hybrid musician Ernst Oosterveld and Hybrid Bass player Quirijn van Regteren Altena collaborate in several interactive MIDIMORPH compositions for laptops and MULTIVOICER software for the Hybrid Bass.

The musical structure in these various compositions is often based on the principal of morphing. See MIDIMORPH for further information how to use the program.

All of the different pieces allow for improvisations by both the laptop and the Hybrid Bass. The composer being able to alter musical patterns “live”, and the bass player mediating between both the analogue- and digital space.

The different sounds also originate from the morphing principal through MIDI Controllers. Virtual modular synthesizers like the NORD A1 and others.

2 PC laptops
2 Nord A1 semi modular Synthesizers, NordWave, Nord Stage2, Nord Drum 3P, Soft Synth’s (Arturia, Native Instruments and more)
2 RME UFX audio,MIDI interfaces
Hybrid Double Bass + Synthony II MIDI controller

MidiMORPH 6, MultiVoicer 9, Serializer 5