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Examples :
1. ZEQ Demo Afromalia (Spectral patterns and Zeta solist (+ modular synth.) 2:49
2. ZEQ Demo SEQ. 6 (multivoicer ( Zeta bass + mod. synth.)) 0:40
3. ZEQ Demo SEQ. 6 (serializer (ddrum4 + mod. synth.)) 0:24
4. ZEQ Demo SEQ. 6 (Zeta bass and percussion (+ mod. Synths)) 0:55
5. MemBrain – DoLeSwing Demo (morph patterns + pianosolo with multivoicer) 1:17
6. Demo MemBrain KoreanSong (morph patterns and Solo double bass) 0:54
7. MemBrain DoLeBigBand (morph patterns ZETA bass + multivoicer and Nord Modular 4:15
8. ZEQ Zeta Bass Solo and Multivoicer 4:31

Performance duration: 30 min. up to 90 min.

Explanatory notes (2005):

In ZEQ ATTACK composer/laptop musician Ernst Oosterveld and double bassist Quirijn Altena collaborate in several compositions for computer and the Zeta Upright Crossover Bass. This instrument generates an analogue signal (the traditional double bass sound) as well as a midi-signal on each string. As a result the player has the choice between the two sound-sources.

The musical structure in these various compositions is often based on the principal of morphing. This process of interpolations can take place gradually as well as very suddenly. The composer has developed special music software for these purposes. Harmonic changes, rhythmical patterns, and tone rows are the main tools for building the compositions.

All of the different pieces allow for improvisations by both the laptop and the Zeta Bass. The composer being able to alter musical patterns “live”, and the bass player mediating between both the analogue- and acoustical space.

The different sounds also originate from the morphing principal. Virtual modular synthesizers respond to the Zeta Bass and the laptop using a morph program. The sounds produced are subject to spectral analysis followed by interpolations and re-synthesis.

2 PC laptops
2 Nord Modular G2 Synthesizers, NordWave
Zeta Upright Crossover Bass + Synthony II Midi Controller
Ddrum4 set, Behringer audio interface, BCA2000, BCF2000
2 HK audio Lucas XT
Yamaha12/4FX – AW4416

MultiVoicer 9, Serializer 5, MidiMorph 5, SpectralMorph 1; NI :Kontakt, SpektralDelay, GTR3