Frans Hals Kwintet


Pieter Riedstra – Trumpet
Floris Mulder – Guitar (Another Step)
Hans Kunneman – Guitar (TRY)
Ernst Oosterveld – Piano 
Henk Scheffer – Double Bass
Pierre van der Linden – Drums
Ernst Oosterveld
except Rebike, Latinajo: Henk Scheffer.

Frans Hals Kwintet (euro jazz) (1990-1996)

This group is build around musicians from Haarlem, NL. After years of pop, (fusion) jazz and the first fusion bigband in Holland (Big Band Loenen) there was a need to play more acoustic jazz without electronics, inwhich my compositions from the 1970 till 80’s (euro jazz style) play a central role for the quintet. New pieces are written for the quintet and there was material for 3 cd’s. Big motor for the group was the inspiring drummer from Brainbox and FOCUS Pierre van der Linden. Two cd’s are made (in small numbers, 500 each).
– The first cd “Another Step” (1993)
– The second cd “TRY” (1994-95)
CD TRY (1994-1995)

1. TRY
2. Kubic Music
3. Oktatronix
4. Dubbel
5. Adder
6. Kwartaans
7. Slang
8. Mileshow
9. Lake Leek
10. Latinajo
11. Zwalk

Sound Demo’s cd TRY

1. TRY

2. Slang

3. Dubbel

4. Kwartaans

5. Mileshow

CD Another Step (1993)

1. Shaky
2. Sloop
3. Another Step
4. TokBar
5. AnCil
6. Flat Gipsy
7. Idrie
8. SevenUpTempo 
9. Ramsy

Sound Demo’s cd ANOTHER STEP

1. Shaky

2. Sloop

3. TokBar

4. Seven Up Tempo