cv Ernst

Biography Ernst Oosterveld (1951..)

Master in Composition at the Rotterdam Conservatory – composers Theo Loevendie, Klaas de Vries, David Porcelijn. Guest composers: Per Nørgård, Klaus Huber, Luciano Berio.

-1980 (rewarded with the) Prize for Composition by the Dutch Government.

Master in Theoretical Organic Chemistry at the University of Leiden. (ICR – Ion Cyclotron Resonance)

Computer music at the Institute of Sonology, University of Utrecht – Gottfried M. Koenig and Paul Berg.

Professor of Composition (orchestration, analyse) 1979-1983 Rotterdam Conservatory.

Head of the Composition department 1991-2004 Noord Nederlands (Prins Claus) Conservatory in Groningen

In 1975 first prize Larens jazz podium with trio Soft Ice (Fender piano, compositions).

1993 – 1995 Frans Hals Kwintet – CD (Another Step, Try) produced with original euro jazz compositions.

1984 – Co-Founder of ‘de aantAsting’. This foundation promotes the use of Computers in Art.
Tour in Europe as Musician, Actor, Composer in ‘de aantAsting’ a Visual Concert – Technical Theatre Group Perspekt Haarlem.

1983 – 1985 Producer, Composer and Solo Musician in the abstract-mime-music play ‘Square Dance’ with three dimensional slide projections

LP ‘Square Dance’ – Soundtrack of ‘Square Dance’. Mime studio Haarlem (Ide van Heijningen).

Programmer of Computer Music Software to explore the connection between sound and image. Wireless tap dancer with computer sounds, MIDI-mallet instrument (KAT) as a text-graphics-sound machine.

Programmer of music software and work in progress MIDIMORPH
(2023 – version Interactive MIDI Composition software (Music Morphing, generate Modules, apply Modules, dynamic Modules and more..)

-2001..2003 – ZEQ-Attack MemBrain – first CD with IPHY music. ZEQ-Attack, duo with Quirijn Altena – Hybrid Bass.

Based on prefabs created in midiMorph by the composer.

-2006 ZEQ-Attack Concerts in the Netherlands, Italy and China (CEMC MusicAcoustica Conservatory of Beijing).

-2007 … ZEQ-Attack MoodSwings concerts with extra guestsoloists.

-2008 ZEQ-Attack++ concert in the Bimhuis Amsterdam

Music editor for the Radio & TV orchestras and Choir (Groot omroepkoor, Metropole Orkest and Radio Phil. Orkest), Kon. Concertgebouw Orkest, Residentie Orkest).

Music for film and TV Animator Gerrit van Dijk ‘ A Good turn Daily’.

TV music for producers Jan Kelder and Henk Renou (U bevindt zich hier, Afwas in de ijskast)

Compositions for ensembles are published by Donemus. some works:

-1979 ‘Rotations’ for 6 percussionists

-1991 ‘Double Chords’ for Orchestra

-2003 ‘SEQ.’ for Solo ZETA double bass, laptop, electronics and the Asko-Schönberg Ensemble conductor Reinbert de Leeuw, Solo Bass Quirijn Altena

-2004 ‘TRANSITION STATES’ for Asko-Schönberg Ensemble, première conductor Reinbert de Leeuw

-2005 ‘ENTROPIA’ for orchestra

-2006 ‘EXCHANGES’ (1980) and ‘SAMEN’ for Two Pianos and Large Orchestra for the Residentie Orkest

-2008 ‘Spectral Piano’ for Ensemble Klang

-2017 organ composition for Piet Kee (90)

-2017 ‘Sliced Fibonacci’ for Harpsichord and Ensemble Black Pencil

-2018 ‘Symphonia Morphica’ for orchestra

-2019 ’35 Jaarringen’ for piano

-2020 ZEQ-Attack Stemmingmakerij serie in de Pletterij.